A List of Github Repositories That Share Titles With Songs by Tegan and Sara

It recently came to my attention there exists a plethora of github repositories that have the honour of sharing their names with songs by Tegan and Sara. As the world’s foremost* Tegan and Sara/code crossover enthusiast I feel that it is my duty to enumerate these repositories and give them each a nod of approval.



arrow by crsmithdev
arrow by proverma


hell by chrisdone

The Cure

the-cure by Gignite
the-cure by chipx86

Night Watch

NightWatch by manishkshwh
Night-Watch by Jwho303


Alligator by mrohad
alligator by datalligator
Alligator by Pawka
alligator by 92bondstreet

The Ocean

TheOcean by thewhale


someday.js by jamesottaway
someday by Mar-vin
someday by lkhari (I’ve been excluding most repositories with few to no commits, but I’m fond of this one)

Light Up

light-up by brhoades

I’ll Take the Blame

One Second

OneSecond by thuetz
onesecond by liwenzhu

The Con

The Con

thecon by tnarik (I think this is actually meant to be read as one word (“thecon”) but I choose to ignore that)


nineteen by Naios
nineteen by chriskuehl


floorplan by LC43
floorplan by Aldaviva
floorplan by archfp
floorplan by Q42
floorplan by li3939108

So Jealous


downtown by bennerhq
downtown by cvializ
downtown by samaparo
downtown by jdubie

Speak Slow

speak_slow by yohasebe

If It Was You


underwater by derekerdmann
underwater by vim-scripts

Living Room

Livingroom by RecoilPerformanceGroup
livingroom by cpow
Livingroom by sigmonky

This Business of Art

The First

It turns out there are oodles of repositories with this name, and from what I can see none of them have any meaningful code. Here’s my favourite of the lot:
TheFirst by gowithqi

My Number

MyNumber by odistagon
MyNumber by Xmanliujun

This Business of Art & Under Feet Like Ours


frozen by iceddev
frozen by x86-64
frozen by FelipeMartinin
frozen by mpneuried
frozen by kbl
frozen by cesanta
frozen by FelipeMartinin
frozen by devseer


superstar by rea2000


proud by bahmutov

Come On

comeon by edouardhue
comeon by avgaltsev

Under Feet Like Ours

Welcome Home

welcomehome by seanherron
welcomehome by jaybyron
WelcomeHome by mootoh

The Red Demos


celebration by peter-ivanov87

* Self-appointed. Feel free to challenge me for the title at natalievictoriablack@gmail.com.